November 26, 2015

Read Mark 10:35-45
During high school and college, I worked at a few restaurants as a server. Most days it was fun, and I enjoyed getting to meet a variety of people. Other days it would be my turn to get the picky couple who came in regularly and never left a tip, or I would end up with patrons who would make any server shudder. These are the customers who produce longings for a job that doesn’t involve the public. They sit for hours without leaving an extra tip, make constant demands, have unruly children, leave huge messes, have an attitude of entitlement, or any other number of  things that makes them unpleasant to serve. In other words, they are rude. Customers like this made me want to abandon a servant attitude for something a little less becoming.
Jesus set the ultimate example for serving. He came to serve the “least of these” to the point that He died for them. All of them. People everywhere, no matter what their actions. The stingy, the lazy, the demanding, the spoiled, the messy, the arrogant, or any number of other labels we might place on people. Jesus came to serve them. And He calls us to serve them, too. Jesus said that those who wanted to be first in the kingdom of heaven would be the servant of all. While we probably won’t be asked to give up our lives in serving, we, too, should be willing to serve the “least of these.”