November 25, 2015

Read Mark 10: 35-45Matthew 25:40
Jaime wandered into our church one Sunday and gave his life to Jesus! Before that experience, he thought his life was worthless.  He lived with his single mom and sister in the most humble circumstances. 
His small room consisted of a dirt floor, with the inside walls papered in newsprint to keep out the frigid winds of winter.  His bed was a small cot in the corner of the room that housed a straw pillow and a tattered blanket. There were no windows, and the only source of light was a small candle sitting on an apple crate by his bed. 
Jaime was the victim of drug addiction!  One day, his sister called me and said  that Jaime was gone, and they did not I knew where to find him. We found him in his favorite place of solitude - up on the hillside sniffing glue that was gradually frying his brain.  
After his baptism there were many setbacks, but we refused to give up hope for Jaime. We discovered he was extremely gifted in art and poetry. We kept him busy with projects that consumed his time. The years have passed now, and God has done a miracle in his life. 
I hear from Jaime regularly now on  Facebook - sharing some of his art - but most of all, sharing messages of hope for others in his poetry and through the scriptures.