November 24, 2016

Read Colossians 2:6-7
My first job was as a server. We offered water to everyone as soon as they were seated, and I strived to keep water glasses full. I usually did pretty good, except one night when I was in a hurry. Instead of pouring water holding the glass away from the table, I simply attempted to fill a man’s glass without picking it up.
The end result was not pretty. It was during dinner rush, and like many restaurants, the lights were dimmed for atmosphere. In the lowered lights, I misjudged when to stop pouring. Before I could react, water had overflowed from the glass, covering the table and dripping onto the man’s pants. He leaped up and yelped, causing a scene. Before it was over, everyone at the table was wet; water saturated their napkins and everything on the table. I had a mess to clean up.
It was amazing how much was touched by a little bit of water! I didn’t overflow the glass that much, but that little bit spread out to cover a lot of ground. A very little went a long way.
We are commanded to overflow with gratitude. If we fill ourselves with thankfulness, even a little bit can overflow to cover a lot of ground, so to speak. When we’re thankful, we won’t be critical or unforgiving. We won’t be offended as easily. Overflowing water can be a bad thing, but overflowing gratitude? It’s a very good thing indeed.
Do you overflow with gratitude?