November 23, 2015

Read Luke 1:26 – 33

The main character in the “Wrapping All the Way” Hosanna Children’s Choir musical asks an important question of her fellow townspeople, which is pretty relevant for us as we consider Christ’s birth.  “How do you think Mary really felt when the angel visited her?”  “Blessed with bountiful joy,” or “I must be going candy cane crazy!”

The serene images of Christ’s birth in a dimly lit Bethlehem stable lead many to believe that “bountiful joy” was, well, bountiful even from the very beginning.  But, when you consider the people, place, and time of Jesus’ birth announcement, we’re not talking about the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit whispering truth into our hearts, to which many of us are accustomed.  We’re talking about an angel of God proclaiming big news in a period of time that had been, by all means, void of God’s voice for generations.  Fodder for candy cane crazy responses! 

The temptation to go “candy cane crazy” abounds in our offices, homes, and hearts!  So, let’s all take time each day – even as we wrap up our year-end projects, address our Christmas cards, sign our gift tags, the list goes on and on – to thank God for His Son, the “bountiful joy” that we have as followers of Christ, and the peace that surpasses all understanding in these days.