November 2, 2015

Read Hebrews 11

The story has been told of a missionary family that arrived on their field of service, and after two years, had no response to the Gospel. Still they kept working hard and praying that the Lord would honor their sincere desire of seeing men and women come to know Jesus.  One day, the missionary family received a gracious letter from a church back home, expressing their desire to help them and asking to please know of their needs. They quickly replied and said that they would love to have a communion set for the Lord’s Supper. 

That is a true picture of faith in the presence of real discouragement. They were not thinking that a communion service set would serve just for family use. In faith, they were expecting a response to the message of hope they were so eager to share. 

The eleventh chapter of Hebrews presents us with a long list of faithful men and women who were willing to step out in faith, and God honored their faithfulness.

The challenge is before us! Our Pastor has said many times, “God has a glorious future for GBC.”  And he says to all of us, “Let’s stand in a position of faith, believing that God will pour out His Spirit and release a great and glorious work among us.”