November 19, 2015

Read Genesis 1
It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. However, our news is filled with pictures, and we must keep ourselves reminded that as gut-wrenching, heart rendering, and hand-wringing as a picture may be, it does not tell the whole story.  Many times the story is not what it appears.  While a photograph may grab my attention, I have discovered it stays in my mind much longer when I have gained an understanding of its background.  Who can look at Dorthea Lange’s photograph, Migrant Mother, and not feel drawn to know her story? Her dirty little children shying from the camera still trust that she can protect them. She has not been able to protect them from the cold, or from hunger, or from many other perils; yet, their trust endures.  Whatever else is wrong in their world, they have hope, because she has not left them alone. Thankfully, God did not give us a picture book, but a word book, and words mean things.
“Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.” God spoke all of creation into existence from His throne room, and now the Triune Creator comes down in His glory to form man. From the dust of the earth He makes a form, and then He leans in close to it and breathes life. It is with great reverence that I say, it appears that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit make a mud pie, resuscitate it (or would that just be suscitate it?), and in doing so create man.  What a picture! God got His hands dirty in order to make us. Why? I am sure theologians have many answers, but as a mother I have one. He did not want Adam to be alone. Adam was perfectly safe in the Garden of Eden.  No harm could come to him there; yet, God knew Adam would be alone and would want his Father at such a time.  When Pastor Charles got to his knees to demonstrate the Father scooping dirt to form Adam, it set an indelible picture in my mind.  God wanted and still wants to be Father to His creation.  He wants to do the dirty work of parenting His children. Just as the Migrant Mother’s children relied on her, we can rely on Him.  He loves us. He will never leave us.