November 17, 2015

Read Philippians 4:6
With Thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas just a little over a month away, stress is the operative word in most households. There are the last minute travel arrangements to be made for those traveling during the holidays. The finishing touches must be made to menus and sleeping arrangements have to be made for the extra family and guests.  Oh, and don’t forget the last minute shopping that always happens even when you have made your list and checked it twice!

Every January I vow to not let the holiday season overwhelm me. I have every good intention of purchasing gifts during the year, so that I don’t have to worry about being stressed over gifts. I plan to bake ahead, so that I’m not trying to prepare the main course and sides at the same time – I am a great planner, but an even better procrastinator! Sometime during late January my plans for the upcoming holiday season get filed away and do not reappear until mid-November. This is when chaos and stress start to sneak in. By the Monday before Thanksgiving, I have reduced the menu from something that would bring tears of pure joy to the eyes of Martha Stewart to one of only tried and true family favorites. 

As we all fill our plates and everybody is talking at the same time, I stop and thank our Lord again for His love and how, once again, He brought me through another well-planned holiday season.