November 13, 2015

Read John 9:1-12

She’s there again. I pass her every morning. How can she sit on that concrete ledge for hours? But she’s always there, watching cars waiting for the light to turn green, looking for a handout. Her sign says she’s homeless, anything could help. I bet later she will get into a car and drive away. I bet I could follow her home. If she really is homeless, I can only imagine what she must have done to get herself into that situation. Maybe it was drugs or alcohol. She should get a job, get off the streets. Nobody is really homeless unless they want to be, right?

Uh, no.

It’s amazing how quickly we can judge someone, casting blame on them for their situation. Jesus also encountered a panhandler, a man who was born blind. His disciples reacted in a way that some of us would react. Instead of asking Jesus to heal the man, they looked for someone to blame. They asked Jesus to tell them who had sinned to cause the man to be born blind. They saw the man as a case study to be discussed instead of as a man who needed to be set free. Jesus saw him at his point of need, and healed him. He said the man was blind so that the work of God could be done. Jesus said that we also have works of God to do.

How many works of God are we neglecting by casting blame instead?