November 1, 2016

Read Haggai 2:20-23
Is there a single one of us that has not been deeply affected by the present events in the political life of our beloved country?  Where should we stand in this atmosphere of total confusion?  Each day seems to bing on more unrest as the day of our election approaches. Perhaps these last verses of Haggai can give us some help in calming our confusion by reminding us to place our faith in the Lord and know that whatever the results will be - God is in control. And our eyes should be constantly focused on Him and not man.  
Remember that Zerubbabel was a Jew, born in Babylon.  King Cyrus had given him permission to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. He was a direct descendent of King David, but he was not to be the Messiah. God is saying, “Zerubbabel, you are to be like a signet ring on my finger.”  The image here shows divine authority and assures the people of God’s total involvement in the political process. 
In these verses, Zerubbabel was to be the “signet ring” on God’s hand.  He was the chosen one to lead the people in the reconstruction of the temple. And Haggai continues to remind the people of God that spiritual renewal in their hearts was an essential element in the reconstruction of  His Holy Temple.
As we move forward toward the election, may we seek spiritual renewal in our own lives as we expect the same of the one who will, in the end, be the “signet ring” on God’s finger.