My Faith Story - June 22, 2015

Read John 3:3

I was baptized into the Church of Christ at age 12. An evangelist holding a revival at the local church told us that, by age 12, we knew the difference between right and wrong and needed to be baptized into the body of Christ – which was my understanding of what he was saying. Regardless, all my friends were being baptized, so I thought I might as well get baptized, too! 

Looking back, I realize that I had no clue what I was doing, much less why I was doing it, other than that my friends were.  I did not have a clue about salvation nor what it meant to give my life to Jesus. I did not realize what it meant to be saved until July 1979 when my husband and I visited Concord First Baptist Church, Knoxville, TN.  Dr. Joe Stacker (then Sr. Pastor) visited us during the following week and asked me about my relationship with Jesus. I must have had a blank look because he immediately asked me if I were to die that night did I have assurance that I would wake up in heaven. I had to admit that I did not, but I definitely wanted and needed that assurance. Up until that moment, I had been able to give all the right answers due to head knowledge. Because Dr. Stacker asked the right question at the right time, today I have the blessed assurance that I am indeed saved!