My Faith Story - July 6, 2015

Read Psalm 90:12

My daughter, who lives out of state, and I were recently discussing plans for the summer, and trying to determine when we will be able to get together for just some ‘girl’ time. This has become the normal discussion for us in recent years, as her children have reached the age where they are engaged in summer sports, attending church and sports camps, VBS and, it seems, a hundred other activities. There just do not seem to be enough days between when school lets out in the summer until it restarts in the fall.  As a mom, I understand her dilemma. One of my grandsons summed it up perfectly when he said, “We just have too many busies!” 

This recent conversation made me stop and think about how little time we really have. The year is already half over; yet, we are not guaranteed one more day. It made me think about how I spent today. How do I plan to spend tomorrow? What if I am the last chance someone will have to hear about Jesus? Will I fail to act? There are many “what ifs” to think about when one remembers that we are not guaranteed a tomorrow.

My prayer is that I hear our Lord when He speaks, I go where He leads, I offer comfort when comfort is required, but more importantly, I share Him with a lost and suffering world.