My Faith Story - August 11, 2015

I had a boy in my VBS classroom who came with a friend. Neither attended GBC, but one family did attend church and invited the friend to VBS.  

The very first day, when I laid my Bible in my lap as we sat on the floor, he mentioned he didn't own a Bible. The children’s ministry provided a one. I wrote his name in the Bible along with a note from me and the other leader in my room. We wrote "Follow your guide!” (the VBS theme)

I gave the Bible to him in the hall when the friend's mother came to pick him up. His face lit up! He smiled so big and asked if it was his to keep. You cannot imagine how happy this Bible made him. He brought it the rest of the week and held it in the room like it was his greatest treasure!  If only we all held our Bibles this dear!