May 5, 2015

Read: Haggai 2:6-9

Today is the day for my annual eye exam. There's not anything seriously wrong with my vision, and I'm not really having any problems, but my optometrist likes to see me every year, anyway. Most years, he ends up tweaking the prescription for my contacts. I'm always surprised to see how crystal clear my vision is with the new adjustments. I thought I could see just fine before, but my vision had slowly gotten "fuzzy" over the course of the year. I didn't even notice.

It's good to have our physical vision examined every now and then. The same is true for our spiritual vision. Over the course of the past year perhaps our spiritual eyes have grown cloudy, and we haven't even noticed. The outlines of our goals and dreams may have gotten fuzzy. Have you had a spiritual eye exam lately? As we look towards the next twelve months in our personal lives and in the life of our church, how's our vision? Will we allow the Great Physician to tweak our vision into sharp focus? If we will, He will make our path crystal clear.


Adoration: God is holy, mighty, gracious, and merciful. Spend time declaring your love for Him and expressing your thoughts of praise and worship.  

Confession: Ask God to search your heart and reveal any areas of unconfessed sin. Acknowledge these to the Lord and thank Him for His forgiveness.  

Thanksgiving: Express your thankfulness to God for the blessings He has given you. When we consider that we deserve punishment because of our sinfulness, and instead God gives to us His love and mercy, our only response should be one of thankfulness.  

Supplication: Petition God for growth in your desire to know and please Him.  Ask Him to give you a greater love and commitment to Him.  Ask Him for the grace to glorify Him in your life.  Intercede on behalf of your local church, other churches, evangelism and discipleship ministries and other concerns you may have.  Offer prayers for your activities for this day and any special concerns you might have.