May 24, 2017

Read John 17:15-26

The 17th chapter of John remains one of my favorite chapters in the whole Bible.  To think that in verse 22, Jesus was actually praying for each of us as individuals.  What an awesome thought!  Then in verse 24, He not only prayed for us personally, He goes on to say that He wants us to be where He was going.

This solemn occasion, when He prayed for us, took place in the Upper Room while He was with the twelve apostles.  If you read closely in the chapter, you will find that there are at least six “prayer requests” that He asks of His Heavenly Father.

As we think of our heavenly home, we all have visions of what it will be like: streets of gold, pearly gates, mansions, etc.  My mother used to love to tell the story that when I was around six years old, I told her that when I grew up, I was going to work hard, be rich, and build me a big mansion and build her a little house nearby.

The truth is, we who know Him, are not so much concerned about the details, or whether we will be living in a little house next to His.  We are overwhelmed that one of the requests to the Heavenly Father was for us to be with Him and to know the fulness of His glory.