May 18, 2017

Read John 17:21

Recently, I spent entirely too long chatting with a nice receptionist I did not know. As we spoke I felt drawn to her and eventually mentioned my Father. Her face immediately lit up and we discovered we were sisters. No, not earthly sisters but spiritual ones. The Holy Spirit was evident. I could sense our common ancestry and our shared Spirit. It made me think of when I first met my niece. She was thirty-seven years old. She looks just like me. We soon discovered that we share a number of mannerisms, our laugh, and the sound of our voice. Living in my former hometown, she had often encountered people who told her that she looked like me.  It was a little surreal. It gave me a new appreciation for the strength of DNA.

Jesus in making His parting remarks tells His disciples then and all of us now that we share something stronger than DNA. We share not only the Spirit but the entire Trinity. As we go through life, may we encounter those we do not know but recognize all the same; but, more importantly may we encounter many who can tell we are in the same family and covet the strength of our bonds.