May 18, 2016

Read Psalm 3:1-5; Psalm 119:11
I almost always have a song stuck in my head. Sometimes, it’s a song that I like, but other times I want to make the tune go away. When my kids were little, they had an album of kids’ songs that included a counting song that counted by tens. I still hear that song in my head every time I have to count by tens. As annoying as I found the song, though, it had a purpose. I’m pretty sure my kids knew how to count by tens before their peers. The song helped them to remember.
Songs like this are great, but there are other songs that are much better. These songs not only help us to remember something, they help us hide God’s Word in our hearts, so that we might not sin against Him. They lead us into worship. These songs are EPIC!
“Thou, O Lord, are a shield for me; my Glory and the Lifter of my head!”
“My Lord will show up!”
“All praise unto the Lamb!”
It’s wonderful to hear the choir sing songs of praise, particularly when those songs are straight out of Scripture. It’s even more wonderful when our voices join with theirs. All of us, from the concert soloist to the one reluctant to sing a note in public, are commanded to make a joyful noise to the Lord. And when we do, I imagine that God hears a beautiful melody.
What EPIC songs can you sing to Him today?

One great way to weave worship into our daily lives is to fill it with music that helps focus our hearts on our great God.  Here is a Spotify playlist that has all the songs our worship team has led us through in the last month’s Sunday evening services to get you started. It’s updated weekly, so “follow” it to keep fresh worship music in your life.