May 1, 2017

Read Joshua 1:3

In Joshua 1:3, God tells the Israelites to take possession of the land He had already promised them several times, beginning with Abraham.  The land was theirs. They just had to go in and possess it.  The difficult circumstances( giants in the land, strong fortresses) didn't determine the outcome. His Word did and He is always faithful to His Promises ( Hebrews 10:23).  But He does not always act according to our timetable. Many times theenemy isdriven out little by little.  Our healing comes slowly.  We wait for a job, a spouse, a changed life.  This doesn't mean the promise is not true. Our spiritual muscles of trust and faith must be exercised to grow strong. 

So what does that look like in our everyday lives? We begin with knowing the Word of God.

- When trying to live a godly life, we know that He has granted to us His very great and precious promises by which we can change( 2 Peter 1:3)

-When grieving the loss of a family member, we know that God is good and has greater glory in mind.  But that in the journey, He comforts, and shelters, and holds us. 

- When afraid and anxious, we know His perfect love that walks with us every inch of the way, so that we get through to the other side with peace.

Eighteen chapters later in Joshua, the people, were still waiting to take possession of the land.  Words were used like: put off, being slack, wasting time, being negligent, and hesitating.  Is that what we are doing in our own lives?  Are you ready to grab hold of His Words and finish the journey, victoriously trusting His already given promises? Believe them and start moving!