March 7, 2017

Read Jude 1-2

As I read these two chapters from Jude, I am reminded of a poem called “Michael”, written by William Wordsworth.  In the poem, there is one line that is considered to be one of the saddest lines in English literature.  The line simply says, “and he never lifted up a single stone.”  It is the story of a father and his deep love for his son.  The son leaves home and his father begins to gather stones on the family farm to build a “sheep’s fold.”  Years pass but his beloved son never returns and his grieving father never was able to build the “sheep’s fold” with his son.
Perhaps that is the way God feels when we reject His undying love for us and we miss the unearned gift that is ours just for the taking.  Jude speaks of God’s Mercy – that speaks of His forgiveness. Jude speaks of inner peace – as expressed in Philippians 4:7. “Then you will experience God’s Peace, which exceeds anything we can understand.”  And most of all, he speaks of God’s Love.  Romans 4:35 expresses it so beautifully: “Can anything ever separate us from Christ’s love.” 
Just like the loving father in Wordsworth’s poem, God grieves when His child fails to reach out to accept His Love, Peace and Mercy – that is given to each of us without reservations.