March 6, 2017

Read Jude 1-2

Each night before bed, my husband goes on a little safari. At least that is what the kids and I call it. Armed with our fluffy guard dog, a can of wasp spray, and a flashlight, he circles our yard securing the perimeter. Once he is satisfied that giant beetles, mischievous raccoons, or any number of wandering predators are not going to overtake our home, he retreats indoors and securely bolts the locks. He has quite good-naturedly taken a great deal of ribbing over the years for his nightly constitutional. But, secretly, we love it, and are thankful for his watchfulness. I do not think any of us, including him, expect him to find much of anything to be concerned about; yet, the mere idea of his religious watch brings a comfort to our home settling in for the night. 

There is so much unrest in this world. It has been around a long time, perhaps forever. But, now, it is at our door. We speak in whispers to avoid being overheard for fear that our opinion will incite an outburst. What is called “good” is up for constant debate. As we read through Jude’s sobering letter, it is impossible not to see the time in which we live. It would be easy to see the bleakness of Jude’s warning and despair except for these first two verses. We believers are kept by Jesus Christ and are His bond servants, that is to say, we are members of His household and He keeps us. Just as my husband secures our home for the night, we have One who secures us and allows us to lie down in peace. He is able to keep us from falling even in this present day. Mercy, peace and love are ours in abundance.