March 16, 2017

Read Mark 6:45-62

In Mark 6:45-52 we read the familiar story of Jesus walking on the water.  The disciples were in the middle of the Sea of Galilee, rowing for their lives in a raging storm.  As I read this story, I thought it was interesting to note that Jesus came to them walking on the sea.  You would think that He would run or at least “power walk” to them.

The disciples were obedient and were on their way to meet Jesus on the other side, and what do they get for obedience – a raging sea.  Can you imagine what they were thinking? The same thing I think today when I face opposition or disappointment.  Where is Jesus in this situation?  Where are the rewards for all this labor?

Jesus had already provided for the disciples’ future.  They each had their own basket full of bread and fish.  Jesus has provided for my future with His inerrant Word and a place in heaven.  Jesus, in His own time, came to His friends being tossed in a storm.  He is always present in my life and I need to rely on Him.  The disciples reached their destination; Jesus has insured my safe arrival into His presence.

With all the promises Christ has given me, I can keep rowing when I think I am standing still – for He says, “I am coming and My reward is with me.”  Jesus walked to His disciples in their storm, but  Jesus walks with me in my storms.  Either way – rest in Him – He is in command of the storm.