March 14, 2017

Read Psalm 8

One of my favorite choruses is, "Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!" I first came to like it as a child because it was easy to remember and to sing. As a parent it was an easy chorus to hum to quiet a fretful child late at night. It probably did more to calm me than it did the child but all I know is that it is one of those choruses that stays with you and can pop into your mind at any given time.

King David was far from perfect but he knew the perfect God who had made imperfect man and who was always there for David. David wrote Psalm 8 praising God for the wonders of His love and His hands. When you stop to think just how imperfect man is, isn’t it amazing that God hasn’t given up on us? When our children do things that make us stare in wonder at how they could do something so, so wrong just imagine what God thinks about some of the choices we make.

Although man today is far from God’s original creation, God still is mindful of us. He is always within reach. He never moves, He never changes and He is always God. When we take a minute to look at the array of colors around us, the fluffy white clouds overhead or when the giggle of child tickles our ears, we should take another moment and thank God for the works of His hands and for His never ending love for imperfect man.