March 13, 2017

Read Joshua 5:1-12
After the Israelites miraculously crossed the Jordan River and were ready to fight to claim the Promised Land, God commanded that the uncircumcised males born during the 40 years of wilderness wandering be circumcised. The kings of the land were fearful of the Israelite God, Who had power! What a perfect time to fight!  And yet God steps in with an extraordinary requirement to disable the men. He would show them that their hope was in Him for their future and for victory.
Whether the battle ahead of us is spiritual, mental, or physical( health), many times His words to us also seem extraordinary. "Do not fear. Wait. Trust me. I will never leave you. Don't look at the storm.  Look at Me."
My friend is fighting a spiritual and emotional battle.  Her marriage is falling apart and she has three young children.  She has walked closely with the Lord many years and seen many Jordan River miracles,  but she is weary, "disabled", and wants out.  Even though her husband has forsaken the family, God has told her to wait on Him and trust Him for victory. 
How do we wait when our situation seems hopeless? How can we be obedient when His words to us are contrary to everything around us? My friend is looking back to God's faithfulness through the years.  She is examining her own life for areas of sin. She is surrounding herself with spiritual encouragers.  She is willing to be still and be "healed" until God is ready to move her forward to victory His way.
Where in my life am I not trusting God's leading because it doesn't make sense? Where am I not waiting and trusting?  What sin needs to be circumcised from my heart before I can move forward in victory?