June 8, 2017

Read Hebrews 11

Summer vacation has arrived for most school children and many moms will soon begin hearing that dreaded call: “Mom, I’m bored”!  With so many activities available today – VBS, camps, swimming lessons, baseball, softball, etc., it really is hard to imagine anybody having time to be bored!  Sadly, this is not a new phenomenon, people have been searching for just the ‘thing’ to fill the emptiness in their lives since Adam and Eve. 

I’m sure everyone has heard stories about “the good old days” when one could play outside past dark, catch fireflies, and even ride your bike to your best friend’s house or the community pool without fear. Our hopes were for things and our trust was that our parents would provide for not only our needs but would fulfill our hopes; however, even as children there was always something missing, an emptiness that could not be explained. 

Some of us found in childhood or in our teens or even in adulthood Jesus to be the missing part. Unfortunately, too many are still searching and attempting to fill their lives with tangible things that can disappear like smoke. Why is accepting the gift of salvation through grace so hard? Is it because we are unable to see faith and hope? Is it because the price has already been paid by Christ and we only need trust Him and live for Him? Do we find the cost of giving up our empty life too great in exchange for a life filled with hope for an eternal life with Christ?