June 4, 2015

Read I John 3:1

I love God (seems like a given for someone writing these devotionals, huh?). I love Him for the way He loves me and my family. I love the way He reveals Himself in new ways, while remaining consistently compassionate, merciful, and loving ... the same day after day, and night after night.  

One night earlier this week was a particularly restless night at my house. The kids had eaten fairly good dinners. They had gone to bed at a decent hour, but beginning in the wee hours of the morning, they began to call out. First one, then the other, then the first again, until we all ended up in the same bed.  

My response to their restlessness was prayer. Not so that I could simply return to sleep myself (though I have prayed with this motivation before), but for protection from the enemy, peaceful thoughts, and, ultimately, rest. I prayed out loud. I wanted my babies to know that I was trusting a loving God to take care of them that night, to drive away the scary dreams, and provide what they needed most at that very moment. 

And, do you know what? He provided perfect protection, peace, and rest for all of us. His constant and abiding love was revealed in a new way to me and my children this week ... in the form of a final few hours of peaceful, restful sleep that night. What a surprising way for God to lavish His love on me and my babies!