June 29, 2015

Read Revelation 7:9-10

It was the last 45 minutes of the last day of VBS. We were sitting in the Worship Center, waiting for the closing program to begin. One sweet little girl said to me, “She (indicating her friend) can’t be a Christian because she’s Indian.” “Well, actually, people from India can be Christians. Her family might not like it, but Jesus would love for her to become a Christian.”

This beautiful little girl went on to tell me that her father respects Jesus, but she has to worship her god, because he made her. She came to VBS to learn about Jesus. And she did! We had her looking up scripture verses! She memorized the week’s verse along with us.

In a very noisy room, with very little time, I told her that she could pray and ask God which faith was true. I assured her that He would tell her. Her expression suggested that such a thought had never occurred to her. The tap on my shoulder was a lady coming to pick her up early.

I was reminded of our Sunday night “Last Sermon” series. My last message to this precious child was, “Pray. Ask God.” My heart is heavy for her and her family. I’m praying that the seeds planted this week will take root and grow into a mighty tree of faith, providing a signpost for her family and community.

What would your last message be to those you love?