June 28, 2016

Read Mark 3:16-19
A shampoo television commercial from the 1980’s gave millions a lesson in simple multiplication. The ad for Faberge Organics featured a single woman who loved the product so much that she told two friends. Those two friends told two friends, who told two more friends, until it continued “and so on, and so on, and so on.” By the end of the commercial, the screen had split multiple times to show a large number of women ready to tell two more friends about their favorite shampoo.
If you’re good at math, you can see how such a process would rapidly expand the number of women using Faberge Organics. And, if the original model were to go back and find two more people to tell, the process would start all over again. In theory, Faberge Organics would soon be able to dominate the shampoo market. The company could grow large by starting small: one satisfied customer telling just two friends about their experience.
Can you imagine how making disciples and growing a church could work the same way? If each believer within the church were to commit to disciple two friends, and then those two friends went on to disciple two more friends, the process could continue “and so on, and so on, and so on.” Before we knew it, we would have multiple generations of disciples within the church and expanding to our community, our state, and even across the nation and around the world.
Do you have your two?