June 24, 2016

Read Romans 8:28
I missed a call and message from a close friend during lunch. I thought I knew what it was about; I was sadly mistaken.
"You're a good, good Father, that's who You are ... and I'm loved by you, that's who I am." 
But, how? How is God going to show Himself as good in this situation? How is He going to work this for good? It is such a bitter thread to weave into a believer's life. How will He use it "for good?"
It's not that I doubt God will use the tragedy for good, I'm confident of that; but, I have no earthly idea how. And, oddly, that's where the hope is ... my God, our God is not bound by earthly laws in accomplishing His good, acceptable, and perfect will. 
I long to see how He works this "together for good to those who love [Him, and] are called according to His purpose!"