June 23, 2017

Read: 1 Peter 1

As Father's Day approached, I thought of my own Daddy who has been gone two years.  Soon after his retirement at 80+ years, he sent each of us children a letter asking our input as to how he could live a more holy life (1 Peter 1:14) in his last years. 

Though I am not 80, this week I was challenged by the writer Ann Voscamp to  think about my "latter" days with the question," What will you do with the remainder of your 25,550 days?" ( assuming a life span of 70 years. Psalm 90:10a ). After a sharp intake of breath and a huge gulp, because I am close to that 70 years, the Holy Spirit challenged me to take a look at my priorities. Ann Voscamp also wrote, " Live every day like you are terminal, but your soul is eternal." Psalm 90:10b. Great theology, but how does that become my daily reality? I don't want to waste a second on anything less than what will last for eternity: people and the message of Jesus Christ. 

So, I

- hold my sleepy, fussy 10 week old granddaughters for 3 hours, singing songs of Jesus, instead of putting her in the swing so I can do my own thing. 

- play cards with my 5 year old for an hour, looking for teachable moments, instead of turning on the tv for him so I can do housework. 

- visit my mother 3-4 times a week, sometimes reading a devotional, other times painting fingernails, even though she doesn't remember. 

Small things? Yes, but these acts of love add up to a life that points to the eternal, to Christ. 

Twenty years ago, I missed these moments.  I loved my Lord and my family, but I also chased the "Germantown dream"- a well-decorated house, fit and trim body, to be a well-liked friend. How time flies! And now, like my Daddy, I want to live my latter years in holiness and love.  

And so I ask you to join me, wherever you are in your lifespan, how will we spend our 25,500 days, or what's left of it?