June 23, 2016

Read Matthew 19:14
VBS is in full swing at GBC! Noise! High energy! Glitter and glue! Jesus would feel right at home. He loved having the children near Him. About a week before VBS began, we had 14 students signed up for our class. Not one of them attended our church. Most went to other churches, but some had no church affiliation at all. What a mission field!
Do you look forward to sharing Jesus with these little ones? Or, do you dread to see them being dropped off for free babysitting? Won’t they make a mess, and possibly, damage our beautiful facility? Well, yes, and maybe. But, what if that rambunctious little boy learns that Jesus loves him and has a plan for his life? What if that shy little girl decides that she wants to tell her mom and dad about this Jesus she met this week?
This week will soon be over, and things will get “back to normal.” Overworked, exhausted teachers need you to continue to pray for them. But next week, when the halls are quiet and the decorations are gone, would you please remember to pray for the children who have been a part of this glorious mess? Pray that the seeds scattered will have fallen on rich, fertile soil. Let your prayers serve to water those seedlings. Pray for a bountiful harvest.