June 22, 2016

Read Psalm 119:68; Romans 8:28
My problem with action movies is that I’m never sure who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.  Just when I think I have it figured out, the one I thought was good “pulls off the mask,” and we see that he is, in fact, on the wrong side.  Or, he does good things with bad motives.  Or, he does bad things with good motives.  Either way, he’s never as good as he would have us believe.  I guess if we’re to be honest, we are like that as well.  Some days we are better than others -- less than 100% consistent in our behavior.  But not God.  He’s good all the time.  His motives are always pure; His plan always perfect.  Even when things don’t go our way, we need not wonder about His goodness.  
James refers to God as the Father of lights, “with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.” (James 1:17) I think that means 100% consistent behavior.  Even Jesus Himself announced that, “Only God is truly good.”  (Mark 10:18) And He should know!
So this week, rest in the knowledge that you are loved and “give thanks to the LORD, for He is good!”  (Psalm 106:1)