June 21, 2017

Read Job 1:20

This has been such a difficult Father's Day. Just days ago he buried his son. This was the second adult son he had to bury in 14 months. A terrible traffic accident took the first. The drug culture seems to have taken the second. The pain is unimaginable.  

The Bible is filled with accounts of lost sons. Some were taken into slavery, some by death, and some just wandered away. Only One was given, with the full understanding of what would become of Him. Our heavenly Father knows what it feels like to “lose” a son. He understands my friend’s pain.  

Job lost seven sons in one moment. Was there pain? Of course! But his response is almost unbelievable. He worshipped! Do you know the Father well enough to trust Him in times of trouble? Can you worship Him and bless His name?