June 19, 2017

Read Galatians 6

Wildly colorful ties, grilling tools, handmade cards, backyard cookouts and games, maybe a family movie… these are the essentials of a good Father's Day celebration. As time passes, dads often look back on these occasions with great tenderness towards the efforts of their children to show love and appreciation for them. And as the commercial says, these memories are priceless. 

But this is not the picture for all dads. Our friend lost his 31 year old son last week. Father's Day memories will pierce his broken heart. They will rip off the bandage that was barely holding his gaping wounds together. He'll wonder how in the world he's going to navigate the endless 24 hours ahead of him. Maybe he'll go to church as he always does, but perhaps he'll opt out that day so he won't have to hear the preacher encourage men to be godly fathers, reminding him that he will never parent that dearly loved son again. 

That doesn't mean he won't worship. Quite the opposite. He will lean into Jesus as never before because Jesus is the only One who can offer real comfort, true hope, and the certainty of an endless family reunion with the Father of us all and with the children that were lost too soon. Hallelujah! 

In the meantime, "Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ" (Galatians 6:2) by reaching out to a grieving dad in texts, calls, cards or the gift of your company. He will never forget your kindness.