June 19, 2015

Read Genesis 1:26

Recently, our church announced a new Sunday night sermon series, and the idea behind it is simple. If this was to be your last sermon, what would want to tell people? 

That got me thinking, if this could be my last note to write someone, what would I tell them? Would I even be able to focus on one thing?

I think I would say it's all about relationships. In Genesis 1:26, God said “Let US make man in OUR image..” Our God is a relational God, and He desires to have a close relationship with us. He also desires for us to have close relationship with others, and not just our Christian brother and sisters, but also the non—believing world around us. In fact, if we use Jesus as an example, it's possible that were called to spend more time with the non—believing world than the believing world. 

Matthew 28:19 doesn't say to go and make converts, it says to go and make disciples.

You can't make someone a disciple until you get to know them. What they are really good at. What they struggle with. What they are helpless against.

God's desire is not for us to have our focus on things. Our focus is to be on people.