June 17, 2015

Read Matthew 6:10


Our “banana boat”, if you please, our cargo ship that carried us to South America, arrived in the beautiful harbor of Valparaiso too late to disembark. The 21 day journey from N.Y. to Valparaiso gave us ample time to reflect on our calling that brought us to our destination.  As our ship entered the port, we witnessed the breathtaking view of the city at night, a city built on 26 hills.  Millions of tiny lights sparkled in the darkness and reflected their light on the bay around us. And suddenly I remembered a phrase I once heard in my youth that I had never forgotten.  “All the darkness in the world can not put out the light of one small candle”.  We were there to be that small light- to bring hope to a dying world- however small and insignificant we felt our light to be.

The neophyte level of our Spanish, after a year’s study in Costa Rica, often brought feelings of insecurity as we began our work.  Cultural differences - even in worship -  were an adjustment. Sometimes, I would cringe if I was asked to pray, because I wanted to say it right and to be understood.  And sometimes the words wouldn’t come out just right. It was also the custom of the people to all pray out loud in unison as one was asked to pray. There was so much praise, I couldn’t hear myself  as I tried to pray. 

Yet in what seemed total confusion, that moment of praise and adoration before God  became a beautiful thing to hear. It was if His Kingdom was already here, just as we will unite our hearts in heaven to praise Him in unison in prayer and song.