July 9, 2015

Read Psalm 145:18

So y’all, I am coloring my prayers tonight. I'm praying for a friend in pink. I'm coloring my prayers pink...all shades of pink, just like the roses I bought at Kroger yesterday for my "Hello July" treat. This wasn't my idea, but I so wish it was. Last year a blogger friend of mine told me how she’s learned to color her prayers. Yep, that's right....like dance her prayers…well, maybe, draw her prayers....sometimes even paint her prayers. I'm a child of the Creator, and He wants me to be creative, too. And you. And prayer is simply talking to Him, listening to Him. 

I believe there is more than one way to communicate with Him. It is not always closing my eyes and bowing my head, folding my hands and praying, or the driving down the street and shooting up those quick arrow prayers, or the bending my knees beside my bed kind of praying. But y’all, I just loved this artistic kind of praying she told me she was doing. When you’re coloring your prayers though, you must slow down. Everything in you may yell to get busy. Prayer is not a useless waste of time. So I make time to quiet my heart. I thank God for being with me in life, and I tell Him that I feel a bit frayed, and I pray for her, and I pick up the pink crayon. Mine is called "carnation pink" in Crayola language, and I thank my God for my people and for her. And I ask Him to flood them with joy with peace. Then I just scribble, and I talk to God. Sometimes that looks like bowing my head, and sometimes that is closing my eyes. BUT sometimes it’s just slowing down. It is coloring as I talk with my Creator. Or dancing. Or painting. Or drawing. Or singing, because even though I sing not so well, God loves to hear my voice. And I know this - The Lord is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth. (Psalm 145:18)