July 8, 2015

Read 2 Corinthians 5:17

I grew up in church. I was very active, and even an officer in its national youth group. I was a very religious young woman. I was probably known as a "good girl".

When I married, I began attending a Baptist church. When I joined, I had to be baptized by immersion, because I had been sprinkled. I don't remember the pastor even asking me if I was saved. I would not have known how to reply, because I was not aware that a relationship with Jesus was necessary, or even possible.

For almost ten years I heard the gospel preached, and was convicted. I walked many an aisle trying to rededicate myself to God. I could not conceive that I was lost, because I believed all the right things (the virgin birth, the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ). I had sung in choirs, taught Sunday School since I was eighteen, prayed, and even witnessed about my faith to others. How could it possibly be that I needed to be saved?

I finally heard a message on the Lordship of Jesus. I realized for the first time, that though I had prayed many times for Jesus to save me and to make my doubts go away, I had never asked, or allowed Him to be the Lord (boss) of my life.  I had never surrendered my life or my will to Him. I ran the show of my life.

When I surrendered to His Lordship, He became my Savior. My husband was understandably skeptical when I told him I had walked another aisle and made a decision. He had seen me do that before. This time he did see a difference!  He began to tell our friends that he was married to a different woman. I was changed! I felt differently about things and people. I had a new heart! (2 Corinthians5:17) 

My life has never been the same! I did not pray a certain prayer.  No one counseled me. I just surrendered! When I asked Him to take control of my life (be my Lord), He gave me the gift of salvation. I became hungry for God's Word. I now had the Holy Spirit in me to give me the power to be and to do, all that I could not do on my own by rededication. I now know that it is impossible to re-dedicate to God a life that had ever truly been dedicated to him in the first place! Praise God that, as an adult, I did not let pride keep me from the peace that I sought in my life, as well as eternal security for my future.  Hallelujah!