July 24, 2017

Read James 2

Spelling words.  Social Studies tests.  English essays and finally ACT prep.  There was always some academic exercise on the table and always a battle to get it done. My daughter wanted to make good grades, but they didn’t come easily for her and she wasn’t willing to do what it took.   Week after week, she convinced herself that she knew it and was ready to be tested.  She was usually proven wrong.

Then one semester everything changed.  She finally realized that saying she wanted the good grades hadn’t been enough.  Those elusive grades required sacrifice and hard work.  She was ready.  She went to bed early so she could get up early and study.  She organized her calendar and went to study sessions.  She made note cards and reviewed over and over.  Her actions were finally in line with her words and she was successful!

James tells us that, “faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” (James 2:17)  Talking the Christian talk doesn’t prove much about our hearts and motives.  If we really want to be a part of God’s work, we have to do more than talk. Putting our actions in line with our words may force us out of our comfort zones, but it’s the only way.   This week, listen for God’s voice, but don’t stop there—get busy!