July 24, 2015

Doritos.  I bet you think they are just a tasty snack.  Never would they be a reason for consternation, vexation, irritation or contemplation, let alone sin.  Once,  after feverishly creating a Thanksgiving feast, I was asked, “Do you have any Doritos?”  At first I was amused, and then I realized the gravity of the request.  This doe-eyed youngster was going to stand toe to toe with me and refuse to eat anything but Doritos.  And, that was exactly what she did or did not do – She ate nothing.

Later, as I planned Christmas Dinner, I thought of the favorites I could prepare to delight our extended family.  All at once, my thoughts took flight, “You just watch, I am going to go to all this trouble and that little snit will still refuse to eat!”  Immediately, conviction pierced me.  A child and a bag of Doritos had toppled me into sin.  The dish that would bring delight to this young one was the easiest of all.  What was my problem?  So, there in the middle of my holiday table I placed a huge bowl of nacho cheese flavored Doritos.  She was elated.  I was blessed to see her beam.  As I cleaned up and put away leftovers, I noticed there were no Doritos left.  She had not been the only one who enjoyed them.

What Christian does not enjoy seeing another believer fully engaged in the worship of our Savior?  When the body of Christ worships together we are a huge extended family of varying preference and maturity.  So even if I think drums and guitars go with worship about as well as Doritos and Thanksgiving turkey, it blesses me to see fellow believers drawn into the worship of our Savior and that brings delight to Him.