July 20, 2016

Read Mark 3:14

She had just retired. This was her first chance to get involved in a weekday Bible study. She jumped into the deep end - a Precept study. All Bible studies are beneficial, but this is not for those who want to be lectured or spoon-fed. And, she was in over her head.

We were on a girls' trip to the beach. Each day, we would sit at the table and work on our next week's lesson. She did what she could. Whenever she got stumped, we all stopped to help her through the next step. Now she helps us!

I'm pretty sure we were not consciously aware that we were discipling our friend, but that's exactly what it was. We invited her to do Bible study with us, to learn from us. Now she is able to walk alongside others who are new to this study method.

Do you have a friend who needs to do a Bible study with you?