July 18, 2017

Read Psalm 19:7-11

That summer the gardenias bloomed for the first time in years, I wasn't listening for God to speak. Those creamy soft, white blossoms with their enticing fragrance apparently didn't like our scorching Memphis weather. Nevertheless, there they were outside my kitchen window in all their glory. Not just one or two blossoms but dozens. And I thought, "I should call my mom and invite her up to see these.” They were her very favorite flower, the reason I planted them at all.  And I certainly intended to call…

What prevented me from recognizing God's prompt when He reminded me of Mom by those stunning blooms? Certainly that's a subject too long for this devotional thought, but these come to mind:

  • I hadn't been consistently in the Word, God's ultimate communication to us without which we often misinterpret (or simply miss) His will, His precepts and His prompting.
  • I was too absorbed in my life as a wife, mom of a three year old, and settling into a new house to rightly prioritize Bible study and prayer.
  • And the fatal flaw in my inaction, I thought I had time.

Don't hear me say God's communication to us depends on our actions. It never does! However, we can better position ourselves to receive what He says through consistent prayer, studying the Word and walking in loving obedience, all of which realigns our priorities.

I missed the gift of being able to talk with my mom again. It turns out that the only time we have is now.