July 18, 2016

Read Romans 8:32-39
I have reached that ‘age’ where sleep sometimes evades me for no particular reason, so I am becoming a connoisseur of late night paid programming. I cease to be amazed at the number of celebrities who endorse products guaranteed to make you look at least ten years younger! All one has to do is call within the next few minutes and give the operator your credit card. Isn’t it amazing how easily people fall for advertising gimmicks? What about the get rich schemes? Or, the ‘psychic hot lines’ where someone is just waiting to speak with you about anything on your mind for just $1.00 per minute.  I am also amazed how many people must believe these sales pitches and are buying the products and services, because TV time is expensive!
Yet, so many find it difficult, if not impossible, to believe in a Creator God, much less in the risen savior, Jesus Christ! Is it because it is so simple? No gimmicks, no frills, no fancy sales pitch – just straight-forward truth with a proven track record.  How incredible that our heavenly Father loves us so much that He willingly sacrificed His Son for our sins!