July 14, 2016

Read Ephesians 6:11-18

I know so little about war! I was only a child during the Second World War, and my father was, literally, days too old to be drafted. Because of school or Seminary, I too was exempted from serving. I have to reach back to the Civil War to find someone in my family tree, that participated in any battle of war. My Great Grandfather, who bears my name, was killed in the Battle of Olustee -  in North Florida during the Civil War.  At that very same time period, my wife’s great grandfather, a Union solder, speaks in his diary of being in Chattanooga and later in Olive Branch during the Civil War. We could say they both were fighting for the freedom we hold so dear today.  

In these days of celebration we are reminded, from all directions, the price that was paid for the freedom we are so privileged to have today.  And although some of us can say we have little knowledge of war itself, we can all say we are knowledgable of the “spiritual warfare” we struggle with every day of our lives. 

Life is a constant battlefield!

Pastor Charles spoke so eloquently of the armor God has given to us as weface the challenges of spiritual warfare that is our constant battle.  However, we have to remind ourselves that the armor has to be in place. That’s the price we must pay for the freedom we hold so dear.