July 13, 2016

Read Colossians 2:13-15

Let freedom ring! Praise God for the freedom from sin we enjoy as born again children of God. Thank God we live in a nation where freedom is provided by our constitution, which our forefathers penned out of reverent respect and love of God and His holy Word.

It seems to me that we as adults should believe more of what we teach our younger children:  God is everywhere, omnipresent; always near, always love; always at work.  Too often I hear a message of fear from the Christian front in this battle we're fighting.  And that message is that the enemy is winning.  God forbid that we should ever speak such a lie or believe it!  We serve an awesome God! He always speaks the truth.  He is sovereign and in control and greater, MUCH greater, than he who is in the world.  The word of God proclaims hope.  As Christ followers, neither Isis, nor Hamas, nor any storm we face in the USA is any challenge or threat to our Almighty God. He merely spoke, and all that is came into creation. 

I believe God is offering America a second chance.  I think it is imperative we stop looking at what's going wrong in our lives and in America, and focus on the fact that Almighty God is at work, moving mountains. He wants us to not cower in fear, but, in faith, go forth into battle, working in cooperation with the Almighty, claiming the victory already won at calvary on our behalf. We must agree with God as to whose we are - HIS - and let Him define who we are as individuals and as a nation. The enemy was defeated at the cross. The victory is ours.  Let's march forth into battle victorious through our Lord's sacrifice and resurrection in freedom, girded in the full armor of God. There will always be a storm, but it does not define us as Christians nor as a Christian nation whose God still reigns victorious!