January 9, 2017

Read Ephesians 4:11-16

As a parent it is amazing to watch a child grow and learn.  Some days it seems like they are doing something new every day.  They learn a new skill or a new way to engage with the world.  They learn to walk and they learn to run.  But they never learn these things alone.  They need that hand to hold and the encouraging word to drive them on.

As we mature as believers, it’s much the same way.  Just a child won’t automatically learn to walk, we don’t automatically mature spiritually.  We may grow older chronologically, but unless we engage with the body of Christ to hear that word of encouragement or to have a hand held as we try out new things, we won’t mature. 

And as we mature, we also gain the responsibility to be that hand and voice for those that God brings to our path.  What we have been given, we are responsible to give.  Who has God placed in your path at GBC that need that hand and voice to be a catalyst for growth in spiritual maturity?


Dear Lord,
Thank You for making me a part of a family of God.  Thank You that You desire to see me mature in my walk with You and that you are faithful to complete what you have begun in me.  Lord, may I be faithful with what you have given to me.  May I give that back to others.  Give me eyes to see those You place in my path that need a word of encouragement or a hand to hold as they grow in the faith.

In Jesus’ name,