January 6, 20016

Read Psalm 51:10

I love the Christmas decorations that adorn my home. Yet, there comes a day when all that I loved seems more like clutter. Then I can’t wait to put everything away, clean the house, and start the New Year. After I’ve stored all the decorations and begun to disassemble the tree, I ALWAYS find that one ornament that hid out among the branches. 
It seems that that is a perfect metaphor for my life. All that “stuff” I hold near and dear, eventually, begins to look like clutter. No matter how hard I try to clean up, there is always that little sin that I can’t even see. This is why I need an all-seeing God to reveal His truth to me. Only He can wash me and make me whiter than snow.
Just as I have set my house in order, I choose to submit myself to Him, to accept His plan for my life, and to walk in His ways.
Come, enjoy the journey with me!

Beginning 2016 with Prayer

Pray for His/Her Thoughts

My heart’s cry for ________ is that he/she would know You, the God of the Bible, and know who he/she is to You. Tear down any misconceptions that he/she has about You. Help him/her to see that You are the God that gives 1 Corinthians 13 love: patient, kind and enduring love to him/her. I invite You to teach him/her Your character and roles in his/her life. Help him/her to know You as his/her defender, counselor, shepherd, comforter, encourager, Savior, and so much more.

Isaiah 6, 9:6; Psalm 18:1, 23:1; John 15:26; Luke 1:47