January 5, 2017

Read: Genesis 42–47:12

In Genesis 42 God throws another twist in His plot. While Joseph is feeding the nations, his brothers are starving. In a gut-wrenching sequence of encounters, Joseph confronts his brothers and eventually identifies himself. With remarkable spiritual maturity and grace, he tells them, “I am your brother Joseph, whom you sold into Egypt. Now do not be grieved or angry with yourselves, because you sold me here, for God sent me before you to preserve life” (45:4–5). Amazingly, Joseph has found it within him to forgive his brothers from their treachery. He has also learned that God was the one who sent him to Egypt—to preserve lives. Quite literally, Joseph’s life and leadership were used for the salvation of many.
What a God we serve! He fulfilled the dreams that he gave Joseph years ago. As Jesus’ disciples, we cannot help but perceive the divine foreshadowing in Joseph’s story. With even more ramifications, Jesus, the very Son of God, was lowered into the grave and risen to the right hand of the Father for the eternal salvation of all who would bow and proclaim Him as Lord!  Thank God for His grace and mercy shown to us, and beg Him to use every detail of your life to offer His forgiveness and salvation to many others!


Dear Lord,

You raise Your people out of the dungeon. You invite them to Your throne! You are the God who sent Your Son to this world, delivered him down to the grave, and raised him to Your right hand. Even more than Joseph, You have sent Your Son for the salvation of many. The nations will come to You for life. Like Joseph, let me submit to your plans. Use me to welcome many to find life, satisfaction, and fulfillment for their souls. Create in my heart an understanding of Your intricate ways, and a grace that reflects Your heart for Your people.
In Jesus’ name,