January 4, 2017

Read: Genesis 39-41

In Genesis 39–41, we see more dreams, lows, and highs. In slavery, Joseph serves under Potiphar, the captain of Pharaoh’s bodyguards. Even in his confinement, Joseph experiences tremendous success. However, he also was framed and forgotten. What we read in only three chapters of the Bible must have felt like eternity for Joseph. Yet, the lessons he learned are for us as well. God was with Joseph the whole time (39:2, 3, 21, 23)! Furthermore, God took Joseph from the dungeon to the throne. By the end of chapter 41, Joseph is 30 years old, and he is in charge of Egypt—saving people from all over the earth (41:56–57).

You are most likely not sitting in a dungeon right now. You will also most likely never sit on a throne and rule over a country. However, you do have two very important things in common with Joseph: The same God that was with him is with you, every step of your journey. Also, your journey is following along the same overall story that God is unfolding from Genesis to Revelation. Joseph’s steps occurred near the beginning; yours are much closer to the end. And as disciples of Jesus, we will all be invited to worship Him at His throne (Revelation 21:5–7) and we can all be used to share this invitation with the world!


Dear Lord,
My life may never have been quite as hard as Joseph’s. It may also never be quite as successful as his. However, there are times when I will feel forgotten and alone. There may even be times when I am wrongfully condemned and confined. Through all of these times, help me to remain trusting and faithful to You. Help me to sense Your enduring presence in my life all along the way. Help me also to be hopeful of the powerful ways You can restore joy and fulfillment in my life. Finally, help me to look forward to worshipping You as you reign upon your throne forever.
In Jesus’ name,