January 3, 2017

Read: Genesis 37

As a teenager, Joseph seems like a daddy’s favorite who liked to tattle-tale on his older brothers. He also seemed to enjoy bragging about dreams he had of lording over his family. When his brothers had the chance, they threw him in a pit and sold him into slavery. Joseph began his adult life at a very low point, to say the least.
What about you? Are you in a low point these days? Believe it or not, Genesis 37 can encourage us when we are enduring challenges—even tragedies. First, the chapter begins by mentioning Canaan, which is the Promised Land (see Genesis 13:14–18). Then, through the rest of the chapter, God gives us hints that He is fulfilling His promises. With subtle sovereignty, God uses Joseph’s tattling, his dreams, an unnamed man in Shechem, and a caravan of traders who arrive in the nick of time to rescue Joseph from death and take him into Egypt. You may wonder what is so great about being a slave in Egypt. Nothing in itself. But for Joseph, this meant he was an integral part in God fulfilling promises he had already given to Abraham (Genesis 15:13–14).
Think through things for a minute, and ask God to show you how your current challenges may actually be fulfilling a small piece of His promises.  


Dear God,
I want to be your faithful follower. Sometimes I can relate—at least in part—to Joseph. When life is the pits, draw my eyes up to you. In some ways, my own words and actions may have led me to certain struggles. But I believe you can even use these moments to steer my life according to your promises. Give me eyes of faith to see the subtle moments of Your sovereignty! Even when I am in my lowest moments, help me to celebrate the truth that You are the God who fulfills!
In Jesus’ name,