January 29, 2016

Read Daniel 2

My brother was a big man.  In my mind, he was quite larger than life, but in reality he was just big. He was tall, large, and incredibly strong.  Because of this he was able to save the lives of at least three people, on separate occasions, under quite heroic circumstances. He had a knack for just being where he was needed, and his size enabled him to do what needed to be done. He knew this. He felt that call upon his life. This gave him a confidence to help people. If you knew him, he knew you. He seemed to make it his business to know people. He changed his world. His Sunday School class continues to host an annual Thanksgiving dinner for those who may not have the means or the family for a traditional feast in his memory.  I miss him terribly.
God creates people for specific purposes. When Gladys Aylward, missionary to China whose story is told in The Small Woman, disembarked in China, she felt she understood for the first time why God had created her to be short and petite among her tall stately sisters.  Esther’s uncle told her, “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” There is no denying God used Esther’s beauty to capture the king’s gaze. Daniel and his friends were handsome and smart.  Yet, Daniel acknowledges, “As for me, this mystery has been revealed to me, not because I have greater wisdom than anyone else alive, but so that Your Majesty may know the interpretation and that you may understand what went through your mind.” These all understood their attributes as gifts from God to be directed for His purposes. I believe God has empowered me to love and forgive easily.  Seldom do I meet anyone I don’t like.  However, much to my chagrin, my countenance is at times severe, and I am very mom-ish. God has even used these characteristics. Entering my daughter’s school wishing for invisibility due to feeling incredibly dowdy, a purple-haired girl fell upon my shoulder in serious need of an embrace. I’ve never been more pleased to look unassumingly frumpy.
Do you ever wonder why God has made you the way you are? Or placed you in the home, job, school, or community He has?  “There is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries.” He has a reason.  He wants to use you.

Beginning 2016 with Prayer

Anoint the Word in my hands and heart.

The Sword of the Spirit - Holy Spirit, show me specifically today the truths of the Word of God that I will need to counter the snares of the enemy. Bring them to mind throughout the day.