January 28, 2016

Read Daniel 2

My daughter had a best friend. They were inseparable. Every weekend, they were at one house or the other. They dressed alike, did everything together - they were “twin friends.” Best friends can be a good thing. Even Jesus had best friends. He often singled out Peter, James, and John. Then there was His best, best friend - John, the disciple He loved. Our Daniel had best friends, too.
When faced with what looked like an impossible situation, Daniel went to his three best friends. They were more than friends; they were prayer partners. Daniel’s response to an impossible situation was to call for a prayer meeting. These best friends sought the Lord, and He answered them.
Where do you go when faced with the seemingly impossible? Do you go to the “friend” who will stroke your ego and help you get even? Do you go to social media to grumble and complain? Do you have a prayer partner, someone with whom you can trust your deepest needs, knowing she will only “tell” your secret to the Lord? Ask the Lord to help you find a strong Christian friend who can also be your prayer partner. It’s one of His greatest gifts. Then, “take it to the Lord in prayer.”

Beginning 2016 with Prayer

Quench all fiery darts of the enemy. 

The Shield of Faith - Jesus, I lift the confidence that You are good against every lie and every assault of the enemy. You have good in store for me. Nothing is coming today that can overcome me because You are with me.